JoEl handmade

Evil Eye Acrylic Bracelet Macrame Adjustable with Onyx Gemstones or Hematites


Evileye Acrylic Black Gold Motif Adjustable bracelet with Hematites Beads Joel Handmade

Mix and Match to create your own individual combo.

Size: Adjustable
Bead Size: 6mm
Motif: Black Gold Acrylic

All gemstones we use are hand select and high quality sourced from all around the world. All items are handmade in house, in New York Metropolitan area.

All our jewelry will arrive in our custom packaging for safe keeping.

* Slight variations are normal due to the natural gemstones and lighting used in the photoshoot.

About Hematites Gemstone: 

The name hematite derives its meaning from the Greek word for blood. There are two version on why that name it is attributed to the stone. One is that although it has a lustrous shiny black color the core of the stone if broken has a bright red color resembling blood. The other reason is the fact that the stone has been considered to have blood healing powers over the centuries and has been used to heal such conditions. Many consider hematites to have grounding properties, calming and aide with focus, vitality and concentration. 

Hematites is the birthstone of Aquarius.

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